20.2.1880 Przemyślany/PL - 8.11.1954 Gdańsk/PL
Michał Broszko was born in the Polish Galicia Region. He graduated in 1905 from the Lwów Polytechnic as an electro-mechanical engineer. He joined in 1908 the turbine furnishers Briegleb & Hansen in Gotha, Germany and from 1910 was an assistant at Braunschweig Technische Hochschule. After a short stay in Spain with another turbine manufacturer, he returned to Poland in 1912 as a collaborator in his hometown electricity division, where he was involved in the design of Francis and Kaplan turbines. Broszko was appointed in 1922 professor of mechanical engineering at the Warsaw Technical University. He then moved in the last two war years to the Silesian University of Technology to be finally appointed professor at Gdańsk University from 1945. Broszko was a Corresponding Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences from 1923 and promoted to Member in 1933.
Broszko started his professional career with the 1912 paper dealing with an alternative design of the wheels for the Francis turbine, thereby applying a principle of Hans Lorenz (1865-1940). Once in Warsaw, he took interest in the turbulence characteristics of water flow and successfully participated at the IUTAM Congresses in Zurich and in Cambridge, UK. A review of these works was presented in his 1946 paper, including the historical development of turbulence features starting with the works presented by Henri Navier (1785-1836) and George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903) and culminating in observations relating to the statement that turbulence may be regarded as an ordered process, the role taken by the turbulent shear in increasing resistance significantly above that exerted by the kinematic fluid viscosity, and the effect of the boundary layer.
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Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000 . 2013.

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