5.8.1907 Warszawa/PL -.. ∼1990 London/UK
Thaddeus Marian Prus-Chacinski was a hydraulic engineer in Poland until 1939 and thereby active in river training. He was then appointed deputy chief engineer of Kielce Province in Central Poland. After war service in the Polish Army in Poland, France and the UK he joined in 1946 the teaching staff of the Polish University College, London. The College was attached later to the Imperial College, London, and the staff and the equipment were transferred to the Battersea Polytechnic, today's University of Surrey. Prus-Chacinski joined in 1954 the firm C.H. Dobbie and Partners in London as a senior engineer, where he was taken into partnership in 1957. He there supervised and executed schemes for land drainage, flood alleviation, river training and coastal protection. As a partner he was responsible for maritime structures, sewage disposal and cooling water systems for power production. He was an active Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and there chaired over the River Engineering Section in the 1960s. He added the name Prus after marriage.
During his years at the Imperial College, Prus-Chacinski submitted a PhD thesis on river meanders under Cedric Masey White (1898-1993). The results of this early contribution to the internal flow phenomena included an analysis of the secondary flow structure within a meander. Prus-Chacinski used threads suspended on a thin rod to detect experimentally the local flow directions. He later contributed to the sideweir flow particularly during the 1967 Symposium and there applied results previously elaborated.
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