30.3.1917 Kharkov/RU - 19.1.1987 Englewood NJ/USA
Veniamin Grigorievich Levich graduated in 1937 as a chemical engineer from Kharkov University. For the following twenty years he stayed at the Institute of Electro-Colloid Chemistry at the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow. In parallel, he was from 1940 to 1949 an instructor at the Moscow Pedagogic Institute. From 1958 Levich directed the Theoretical Department of the Institute of Electro-Chemistry at the USSR Academy of Sciences and headed from 1950 the Moscow Physics Engineering Institute. He was from 1958 a Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
Levich's research was directed towards the application of theoretical physics in physico-chemical hydrodynamics. He for instance formulated a theory of mass transfer to the phase contacting area, a theory of concentrated polarization with the passing of a current through solutions, a theory on the influence of surface-active substances on the movement of a liquid, a theory of a non-equilibrium double layer, the coagulation of aerosols and colloids in turbulent flows, and other questions on the theory of the mutual influence of physico-chemical processes. He presented in 1950 a book on statistical physics, followed by a work on the effect of chemical reactions in hydrodynamics in 1952. Later research works were directed toward the understanding of the effect of air bubbles in stagnant water and the effect of a magnetic field in water flow.
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Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000 . 2013.

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