.. 1910 Krasnovo/RU - 27.1.1988 Leningrad/RU
Anatoly Nikolaevich Patrashev was born in the Volgoda region. In 1932 he graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute LPI as a hydraulic engineer. He there defended in 1935 his PhD thesis and in 1939 the doctoral dissertation. Patrashev has worked during almost all his career at the hydraulic laboratory VNIIG in Leningrad, where he held successively the positions of engineer, senior engineer, professor, deputy director of research and finally scientific consultant. Being appointed in 1940 professor of fluid mechanics at LPI, he was a great educator and attracted students with his gift of fascination. He also headed the Laboratory of hydraulics and fluid mechanics at the Northern Scientific Research Institute.
Many of Patrashev's research projects were devoted to groundwater flow, in which unsteady flow features played an eminent role. He presented a work on seepage flows during mechanical and chemical piping, and on the selection and computation of graded filters and drainage systems. He developed the theory of jet spreading onto a water cushion and the theory of fluid flow in canals with a spatially varied discharge. He also took interest in compressible fluid flow with heat convection; he computed piping systems with a high-pressure air flow, and he added to wave phenomena and hydraulic resistance in general. A characteristic feature of these works was their theoretical background paired with the needs of practical hydraulic engineering. His book Fluid mechanics may be counted among the classic texts in this subject matter, at least in Eastern Europe. Patrashev was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Star, and he was conferred the title Honored scientist and engineer of USSR.
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