.. 1886 Yerevan/RU -.4.1943 Leningrad/RU
Georgy Konstantinovich Rizenkampf graduated as a civil engineer from the Tbilisi College, Armenia and continued studies at the Railway Engineering Institute, Saint Petersburg. He started in 1910 his professional career with the improvement of the Poor Desert also known as the Holodnaya Desert. From 1912 he was a chief engineer of the Agricultural Ministry and applied methods of irrigation to the Poor Desert project. From 1915, Rizenkampf joined the Begovatskaya hydropower scheme on Sir-Darya River in Kazakhstan and he was appointed in 1918 chief engineer of the All-Middle-Asia Irrigation Administration, where he proposed sprinklers for efficient irrigation. In 1921, he joined the State Ameliorative Scientific Institute SASI as the director and about the same time was appointed professor of irrigation technology at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute.
The Vedeneev Institute VNIIG named after Boris Evgen'evich Vedeneev (1885-1946) was organized based on the SASI Institute. It was founded in 1921 on the initiative of Rizenkampf and Nikolai Pavlovsky (1884-1937), the later director of this Institution. From 1931 to 1932 the Neva River improvement and the Leningrad defense system against inundations was initiated based on laboratory observations directed by Rizenkampf. He in parallel investigated the Sir-Darya and the Rion-Kolkhida irrigation projects and applied knowledge gained from these projects to the large Volga River water resources plan. From 1934 to 1938, Rizenkampf made the design of the Volga-Don Rivers junction and the agricultural preparation of the lands between these two large Russian rivers. Finally, from 1934 until his death, he was involved in the Kura-Aracs lowland improvement and the Mingechaursky hydro-complex. Rizenkampf was during his last years also a Collaborator of the People Commissariat of Transport in Saint Petersburg.
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