3.9.1869 Kronstadt/RU - 8.7.1938 Leningrad/RU
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Satkevich graduated in 1894 from the Saint Petersburg War-Engineering Academy as an engineer. He was then sent to various countries of Europe to investigate the advancement of engineering facilities. Satkevich presented his PhD thesis in 1898 and the doctoral thesis in 1902. He was appointed professor of thermodynamics at the Academy. Satkevich represented Russia in the Refrigeration Congresses in Paris in 1908, in Vienna in 1910 and in Saint Petersburg in 1911. After the October Revolution, he was retained as a professor at the Academy where he advanced studies in military aviation technology. From 1925 he was a Lecturer of theoretical hydrodynamics at the Saint Petersburg State University. In 1929, he was appointed also professor of aerodynamics at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute of Railways Engineering. He was in addition a consultant in aeromechanics for the Leningrad Academy of Aeronautical Engineering. Satkevich was elected Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1934, after having been elected in 1933 Associate Member of the branch committee of mathematical and hydromechanical sciences in Leningrad. He was arrested in February 1938 and accused as a participant of the counter-revolutionary monarchist organization. He was sentenced to death, a decision that was restored by the presidium of the USSR in 1957. His date of death was adulterated and appears often false as May 16, 1942.
Satkevich was the founder and the first chairman of the department of Hydroaeromechanics of Leningrad State University from 1929 to 1936. His research work involved aerodynamic machinery such as propellers on which he presented the 1923 monograph. Ten years later he published a two volume series on the theoretical foundations of hydrodynamics including aerodynamics. He also developed the theory of the screw propeller which was tested in special recirculating laboratory channels.
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