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Vladimir Nikolaevich Shchelkachev was a Russian Honored Worker of Science and Engineering, a doctor of sciences, an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Philosophy and a top expert in the theory and practice of the development of oil-field and subsurface hydrodynamics. He graduated from the Moscow State University in 1928 and then joined the Grozny Oil Institute. He wrote in 1939 a book on the interference of drilling holes, for which he was awarded the PhD title. He defended the first Soviet doctoral thesis in the area of oil fields in 1941. Accordingly Shchelkachev may be regarded a founder of the theory of unsteady groundwater flow.
From World War II Shchelkachev developed the groundwater theory in terms of application to oil prospecting. He may also be considered the initiator of the application of reservoir hydraulics to higher educational establishments. He authored the book The fundamentals of subsurface hydraulics, and Reservoir hydraulics, published in 1945 and in 1949, respectively. In 1946, Shchelkachev became the head of the chair of theoretical mechanics in the Gubkin Moscow Oil Institute. The National Prize was awarded to him in 1950 for the application of the edge water flooding of the Tujmazy petroleum deposit. He then generalized in the 1950s the foreign experiences on petroleum production, of which the results are published in the three books published around 1960. Shchelkachev authored some 300 scientific works, including 36 monographs and treatises. He had in total almost 50 PhD students and 14 doctoral students. He was awarded a number of top government decorations for his lasting merits toward the Soviet oil production.
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