13.1.1919 Vichuga/RU - 25.4.1991 Saint Petersburg/RU
Mikhail Fedorovich Skladnev initiated his hydraulic engineering studies at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute LPI in 1936 where he participated in model studies with Sergei Vladimorovich Izbash (1904-1986), then the head of the Leningrad Hydraulics Laboratory VNIIG. After war service he returned to VNIIG in 1947 and spent there his entire career. During the first years he collaborated with Ivan Ivanovich Levi (1900-1965) and Andrei Naumovich Rakhmanov (1900-1990) on hydraulic structures. Skladnev submitted in 1953 his PhD dissertation and added to the hydraulic design of the Ust-Kamenrog, the Novosibirsk and the Niva III hydropower schemes. He was appointed assistant director of VNIIG in 1960 to head the scientific and technical coordination of the Soviet developments in hydropower generation. He was appointed director of VNIIG in 1963, then the leading Soviet institute in hydraulic engineering. Skladnev was from 1975 professor of hydraulic engineering at LPI. He was a Board Member of the Soviet hydraulics journal Hydraulic Constructions for 15 years. He was awarded the Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and elected Honorary Member of the Scientific and Technical Society of the Power Industry.
Skladnev authored some fifty technical publications and five books in hydrotechniques. He was interested in the relation between technical and economical questions and added significantly to the development of Soviet energy resources. Besides, he supported the Soviet participation in international activities and was a Soviet representative of international associations. From 1963 he chaired the Soviet National IAHR Committee and there served also as a Council Member. He was elected Honorary Member of IAHR in 1983 following the 20th IAHR Congress in Moscow.
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