11.9.1888 Vinnitsa/RU - 18.7.1966 Kiev/RU
Grigory (Heorhii) Iosifovich Sukhomel originated from the Berdychiv County. He was an Ukrainian expert in hydraulics, hydromechanics and river engineering. From 1939 he was a Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and promoted to Member in 1951. Sukhomel graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic State Institute in 1913 and was appointed there in 1927 professor of hydromechanics. He took over directorship of the Institute of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering from 1940 to 1958. Sukhomel was awarded the Premium Prize of the USSR among many other distinctions.
Sukhomel is known for his works related to unsteady open channel flow. Of particular relevance are flows close to the critical state for which the standard set of governing equations do not apply and must be extended with the Boussinesq formulation, as introduced in the 1870s by Joseph Boussinesq (1842-1929). Sukhomel treated particularly river systems deviating from the usual prismatic channel geometry for which he had to account for the additional losses due to complicated river thalweg and river plan geometry. He also considered the uniform flow condition in natural rivers as the basis of backwater computation. Along with these works, he applied the results to Russian Rivers that were extensively used for both river navigation and hydropower production. For the latter he developed novel designs for energy dissipators and sills. His computations were verified with both prototype and laboratory observations. The results of his studies formed the basis of river navigation in the large rivers of the Soviet Union. Sukhomel also investigated problems with gas flow in furnaces.
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