21.11.1910 Chystopole/RU -.. 1984 Kazan/RU
Gumer Galeevich Tumashev graduated in 1930 from the Kazan Industrial Polytechnic and in 1932 joined its physics department. Shortly later, he was transferred to the Kazan Aviation Institute KAI, from where he obtained a second degree in 1937. His diploma thesis was concerned with the question of screw stability. Tumashev defended his PhD thesis in 1941 under the scientific advice of his teacher Kamenkov. Tumashev had started lecturing on aerodynamics and theoretical mechanics as a post-graduate of the Kazan Industrial Polytechnic, and was appointed associate professor in 1942.
Because of World War II starting in the Soviet Union in 1941, his and the lives of most of his colleagues changed dramatically. Tumashev was stationed at KAI first and from 1942 was a senior engineer at the Aerodynamics Laboratory of the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute TsAGI, Leningrad. There, he initiated his systematic researches on the inverse boundary value problems in aerodynamics. Tumashev's post-doctoral dissertation was published in 1945, and he was appointed as professor of applied mechanics at the Kazan Industrial Polytechnic in 1947. From 1954, he headed its Department of Aerodynamics, after having been the initiator of these studies from 1945. Tumashev was one of the motors in the scientific education of his university, and he there essentially developed the PhD program. In total, 35 PhD students were educated under Tumashev's leadership. Tumashev was awarded the rank of Honored Worker of Science of the Tatar SSR in 1950, and he received the same title from the Soviet State in 1960. He was also decorated with a number of Orders, Medals and Premiums for his leadership in aerodynamics and theoretical mechanics.
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Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000 . 2013.

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