.. 1899 Mozhaisk/RU - 22.1.1972 Kharkov/RU
Aleksandr Antonovich Uginchus was born in the Moscow Region. He graduated in 1925 from the Civil Engineering Department of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and then participated in the selection of schemes for irrigation of the Golodnaya Steppe. From 1930 he supervised a large irrigation networking covering some 500,000 ha, after having inspected an existing scheme in the Fergansk Region. Later he prepared a design of the Ul'binsk hydropower scheme and the irrigation project of the Arazdayansk Steppe. In the early 1930s, Uginchus supervised dam projects along the Ural River. Once heading the Department of Hydraulic Structures at the organization concerned with the Moscow Canal, he supervised the field investigations. Later, he moved as a chief engineer to Nevinnomyssk Canal to supervise the progress of the works. From 1943, Uginchus was the assistant director of scientific works at the Ukrainian Branch of the VODGEO All-Union Scientific Research Institute and there took over as director from 1958 to 1964, thereby adding mainly to hydraulic projects in the Ukraine.
In parallel to his more practical works, Uginchus had also a scientific career in which he published widely in hydraulics, and in hydraulic and geotechnical engineering. His proposals were used in the Soviet hydraulic engineering practice. Of particular note is his research relating to seepage through earth dams, which have been included in the Soviet Design Guidelines. Further, Uginchus also lectured from 1925, first at LPI and later as an instructor at the Leningrad Hydraulic Engineering Institute LHEI. In 1937, he was appointed professor of hydraulic structures at the Omsk Agricultural Institute, and from 1943, he headed the chair of Hydraulics and Water Supply of the Kharkov Institute of Railway Transportation Engineers. He gained the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in 1940. Uginchus therefore combined successfully his wide scientific, educational and engineering qualities. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of the Badge of Honor and six medals.
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