25.11.1922 Izmir/TR - 28.8.2003 Tuscon AZ/USA
Salamon Eskinazi graduated from Technical University, Istanbul as a mechanical engineer. After World War II, he moved to the United States as an Instructor at the Johns Hopkins University from 1948 to 1955. He was then appointed associate professor at Syracuse University, and stayed from 1960 all through his professional career there as a professor of fluid mechanics. In parallel, he was a visiting professor to the Université de Poitiers, France in 1963, 1972 and in 1980. Eskinazi was decorated by the French Ministry of Education for excellence in teaching and research with the title of Knight of the Order of Academic Palms in 1975.
Eskinazi has contributed to fluid mechanics and associate topics in thermodynamics, turbulence, environmental engineering and fluid dynamics and wind engineering. He has written a number of books, starting with basic texts in fluid mechanics and magneto-fluid dynamics in the 1960s, then on fluid mechanics including environmental aspects that were then of particular research interest, and finally a fluid mechanics book linking the applications with their computational modeling. He was both an excellent researcher and a notable educator. All through his career, Eskinazi sought the contact between research and applications. He made notable research contributions in boundary layer flows and in turbulence. Eskinazi was a Fulbright Fellow in 1963 and in 1972 and thereby profited from a research exchange with France, where he initiated also a close collaboration with industries.
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