12.10.1913 Kasidoli/YU - 26.3.2006 Littleton CO/USA
Vujica Yevjevič (Yevjevich) graduated as a civil engineer from Belgrade University, continued his education at Grenoble University from where he gained his PhD and joined the Serbian Academy of Sciences in 1944. He was from the early 1950s a hydraulics professor at Belgrade University. In 1958 he moved to the United States as a senior scientist at the National Bureau of Standards. From 1960 to 1979, Yevjevič was a professor of civil engineering at Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO. Then he was in parallel professor and director of the International Water Resources Institute at George Washington University, Washington D.C. Yevjevič was awarded in 1996 the Ven Te Chow Award for his contributions in the field of stochastic hydrology.
Yevjevich's first works were in applied hydraulics, such as during the Minneapolis IAHR Congress on the entrainment of air in turbulent surface flows. From the 1960s he considered problems in hydrology and eventually became an expert in water resources technology. His three book series in collaboration with colleagues on Unsteady open channel flows was one of the first covering this branch of hydraulics, shortly after computers were available to solve the governing equations. Within less than 20 years, a number of similar books were published, mostly based on the 1975 work. The essential chapters are the kinematic wave theory with applications to hydrology, and the dynamic wave theory based on the equations of Adhémar Barré De Saint-Venant (1797-1886). The latter system of equations are the basis of more advanced hydraulic computations in which the effect of a movable bed is currently accounted for.
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