7.3.1884 Amifontaine/F - 1.8.1964 Vendeuil/F
Edgar Baticle originated from the Aisne Department and graduated from Ecole Poly- technique in 1903 and from Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées in 1905; he was attached throughout his professional career to projects in the French Alps region and posted for years in Annecy. He retired as a civil engineer in 1954. Baticle was finally a general inspector in the Corps of Bridges and Roads and a Member of the technical commission of Société Hydrotechnique de France SHF.
Baticle has particularly contributed to hydraulic problems related to dam design. After a first paper in 1916 directed to groundwater flow, he improved the computation of backwater curves in open channel flow to which both Jules Dupuit (1804-1866) and Charles Bresse (1822-1883) had contributed in the 19th century. As Gustav Tolkmitt (1848-1900), Baticle considered the parabolic cross-sectional profile representative for natural river reaches and integrated the governing equation of the backwater profile with a series development to circumvent problems with integrals. He applied the results to typical structures in the French Savoy region, where he worked as a chief engineer of the French engineering Corps of Bridges and Roads. During World War II, Baticle published a work on a novel type of dam structure which he called the conoidal. It resembled the multiple vault dam but had an elliptical instead of a circular arch profile in plan for economical reasons.
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