1.11.1885 Eddersheim/D - 29.12.1961 New York/USA
Anton Flettner was originally a teacher. In World War I he was recruited by Zeppelin to investigate the possibility of radio-controlled airships as guided missiles. In 1924 he invented a sailing ship powered by rotating cylinders. Although one ship crossed the Atlantic, they were never commercialized. At this time he also proposed a windmill and a marine rudder. Around 1930, Flettner turned his attention to rotating-wing aircraft and presented a helicopter with engines mounted on the rotor blades. This design was damaged in 1934; thus, he invented an autogiro in 1936 being destroyed on a test flight. Undeterred, Flettner developed helicopters and produced in 1937 the Fl 185 with a single rotor to provide lift and two propellers on outriggers to combat the torque and provide forward thrust. This arrangement being no success he turned to twin contra-rotating rotors. The Fl 265 with its "eggbeater" rotors was ordered by the German Navy. After exhaustive testing, Flettner produced the two-seater Fl 282 Kolibri in 1940 which was the only helicopter used during World War II.
Flettner is known for three inventions, namely the Flettner rudder, the Flettner rotor as used for ship propulsion, and the Flettner helicopter. The 1922 founded Instituut voor Aeroen Hydro-Dynamiek of Amsterdam University was directed by Flettner. There practical problems in fluid dynamics were tested. The Flettner rotor was a design in which the Magnus effect as introduced by Heinrich Gustav Magnus (1802-1870) was applied. A rotating cylinder set in a wind current undergoes a transverse force that may be used for ship propulsion. Flettner moved in 1947 to the USA as a chief designer of the Kaman helicopter works, and founded his own company some ten years later.
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