7.1.1881 Neuburg/D - 31.1.1945 Dresden/D
Max Lagally graduated from the Munich Technical University TUM in 1903 as a mathematician and in 1903 also submitted a PhD thesis. For the next four years he was an assistant at Würzburg University. From 1913 he was a Lecturer at TUM but had to participate in war then. He was appointed professor of higher mathematics at the technical University of Dresden in 1920. Due to a serious disease Lagally retired in 1941 and passed away shortly before the allied bomb attack at the end of World War II.
Lagally is known for several outstanding works in theoretical mechanics, glacier theory and of course hydrodynamics. His 1922 paper reports of the forces and moments exerted by flowing fluid on rigid boundaries thereby following the momentum equations and by accounting for the so-called paradoxon of Dirichlet. The latter states that a sphere in an ideal fluid is not disturbed by any forces and thus freely moves. Dirichlet thereby overlooked the effect of viscosity and the development of vortices that are generated in the rear of the sphere. Dirichlet's paradoxon has had a great influence on the advance of hydrodynamics during the 19th century, and only the boundary layer theory of Ludwig Prandtl (1875-1953) added to the solution. Of note are also his chapter Ideal fluids in the Handbook of Physics, and the chapter Mechanics and thermodynamics of glaciers. Lagally was associated with Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Physik ZAMM, founded by Richard von Mises (1883-1953) in 1921 and representing one of the significant German journals until World War II.
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