21.4.1912 Glauchau/D - 28.12.1979 Düsseldorf/D
Rudolf Lautrich had an education as a surveyor. With 21 years he took over as the head of a small surveying office in Penig, Saxony. Later he moved to Frankfurt at the Oder River where he developed into a specialist in matters relating to foundations. In December 1938 he had to join the German army and was stationed in the west for preparing large civil engineering works both for fortification and for highway development. Lautrich founded an engineering company in 1940 in Posen, today's Poznań in Poland, which counted 120 collaborators at the end of the war thereby specializing in works relating to hydraulic engineering and wastewater treatment. After the war, of which he spent the last year under arms, he moved to Celle to found another engineering office, yet he moved in 1952 to Düsseldorf where he finally settled and where he continued with engineering works in the sewer and wastewater fields. In 1975, Rolf Pecher became his partner and took over the office two years later, following Lautrich's retirement due to a serious illness.
Lautrich was the author of several popular books in wastewater engineering, such as his 1964 book which appeared in four editions. It allowed rapid application of fundamental formulae to compute the basic hydraulic parameters of sewers and wastewater treatment stations. A second book followed in 1969 which consisted mainly of tables for practical use. It allows a quick determination of cross-sectional areas required for sewers. Both books were translated into various languages reflecting the interest in these design works. Lautrich also presented results of his projects annually at the Technical Academy of Wuppertal as the "Design works for sewers and special manholes".
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