12.10.1904 Simbirsk/RU - 5.9.1991 Friedrichshafen/D
Michael Strscheletzky originated from German-Polish parents and was born in Central Russia. He grew up in Ucraina and graduated in Sumy as a mechanical engineer in 1927. He continued there and in Moscow as an assistant and headed from 1934 to 1941 the technical department of a turbine furnisher in Charkov. He was a Lecturer at Charkov University and submitted a PhD thesis in 1938. As a German, he was transferred in 1942 to the Aerodynamische Versuchsanstalt AVA in Göttingen where he collaborated with Albert Betz (1885-1968) and came in contact with Voith in Heidenheim.
From 1947, Strscheletzky was a consultant of Voith turbine furnishers in hydraulic problems. In addition he lectured at the Technical Universities of Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Munich. He submitted a second PhD thesis on the hydrodynamic basics for the computation of ship propulsion to Karlsruhe Technical University. His research then included also ventilators and aimed to a definition of the potential flow zone separated from the recirculation zone. He thus defined the minimum nave diameter required for such hydraulic machinery. In the 1960s Strscheletzky investigated the boundary layer separation and the free stream width in compressible fluid flow. Another work published in 1958 presented novel research on the boundary layer development in hydraulic machinery. He described the effect of the Reynolds number on pump characteristics, the effect of secondary currents on their efficiency and unsteady flow features. He was a Member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luftund Raumfahrt DGLR and has significantly contributed to the hydrodynamics of hydraulic machinery.
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