11.9.1925 Caserta/I - 21.3.2003 Napoli/I
Vittorio Biggiero graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Naples in 1952. He was from 1956 there an assistant at its Institute of Hydraulics, was promoted to a Lecturer in hydraulic structures in 1966 and Biggiero took then over as a professor in 1975 until retirement in 2000. Biggiero contributed particularly to problems in wastewater hydraulics and to questions in the propagation and subsidence of flood waves.
Biggiero added considerably to the end depth problem, corresponding to flow in a constant slope channel that terminates abruptly. This problem was first considered by Rouse in the 1930s and needs special treatment at the brink section because of pressure deviation from the standard hydrostatic pressure assumption. Biggiero investigated the pressure and velocity distributions close to the brink section in a circular channel and thus extended previous knowledge. This problem was also analyzed for the eggshaped channel with application to wastewater hydraulics. The other hydraulic structure to which Biggiero contributed significantly is the bottom opening as used in combined sewers as an outlet for supercritical approach flow conditions. Whereas side weirs are employed for subcritical approach flows to limit discharge towards the wastewater treatment station, the bottom opening corresponds to a simple hydraulic structure that controls the intake. Biggiero investigated this hydraulic element experimentally in his 1969 report, and one of his PhD students conducted a thorough hydraulic analysis in the 1990s.
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