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Fedor Ignatievich Bydin was born in the Smolensk Region of Russia. He graduated in 1927 from the Moscow Higher Technical School as a hydraulic engineer. Then he collaborated until 1938 with the hydrological department of the Leningrad Hydro-project Office for the hydropower schemes Vuoksa, Upper Svir and Dneipr Rivers. In parallel, Bydin installed in 1931 the Glaciological Department at the Leningrad Hydraulics Laboratory VNIIG. From 1938 to 1948 Bydin was chief of the hydroenergetic project Lenenergo and in the 1950s took part in the hydrologic investigations relating to the Karel and the Kolsky branches of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He was from then also associated with the State Hydrological Institute SHI in Leningrad and a consultant for the Leningrad Hydro-Meteorological Institute. In parallel Bydin directed the water management sector of the Northern Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Drainage SevNIIGIM.
Bydin was one of the initiators of the integrated investigations on the water resources of the USSR. In parallel he was interested in questions relating to ice mechanics and ice movement all through his career. He was a Member of many scientific societies including the International Commission on the Study of Snow and Ice ICSI, the French Meteorological Society SMF and the Geographical Society of the USSR. He also contributed to various editorial boards of Russian professional journals. He was an Honorary Member of the Hungarian Hydrologic Society, and the chairman of the Department of Veterans of Science of the Leningrad House of Scientists. He has written more than 150 scientific studies on the different aspects of hydrologic sciences.
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