24.9.1916 Petrograd/RU - 17.8.1978 Kiev/RU
Pavel Feodosevich Filchakov graduated in 1940 from Kiev University. From 1945 he was an associate of the Institute of Mathematics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and there gained the title Doctor of Physico-mathematical Sciences. He was appointed professor of mathematics and physics in 1958 at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute and was elected in 1964 a Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He stayed in Kiev all through his professional career.
Filchakov's first research work related to the simulation of groundwater flows using the electrical analogue method. Before computers were available for solving the governing equations numerically, this method was widely used both in research and in the application to problems in practice. In the 1950s, Filchakov applied the method of conformal mapping to questions in groundwater flow, among other problems, as were previously used by famous Russian colleagues. He presented a further review in 1960 on the computation of spillways that are completely drained and are thus subject to buoyancy. A number of spillways have failed because main attention was directed to conditions under flood discharge, and forces originating from groundwater under "dry" conditions were overlooked. In total, Filchakov presented some 100 technical papers and seven books mainly in theoretical and applied flows of porous media. He thus continued the tradition of Soviet researchers in that field of hydraulic engineering.
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Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000 . 2013.

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